Sleeper Chevy C10 with big LS power hits Bring a Trailer

Bring a Trailer

Sometimes it’s tough to enjoy a vehicle that’s in perfect condition, as the worry of getting it scratched remains a constant in the back of your mind. With this 1974 Chevy pickup, up for bid on Bring a Trailer, that won’t be a concern. The C10 was nicknamed Boomhauer not just because the incomprehensible King of the Hill character was a fan of V-8 muscle, but because of its NASCAR-inspired boom tube exhaust. Lots of the truck’s build was chronicled on the Hoonigan YouTube channel if you’d like to learn more. While it’s rough on the edges, Boomhauer has what counts under the skin, namely a thoroughly revamped suspension and a menacing LS V-8 swap.

Bring a Trailer

The 1974 C10 had lived a work truck’s life and had suffered some poor repairs, but most of that is behind it, save for some rusty bits on the lower fenders and bedsides. The suspension was completely rebuilt with QA1 components and the leaf spring suspension out back was ditched in favor of coil springs, trailing arms, and a Panhard bar. The main event, however, is under the hood.

Bring a Trailer

A 434-cubic-inch LS3-based engine has been re-sleeved to accommodate its larger bore and longer stroke. The engine is topped with a sheet metal intake manifold and a set of Texas Speed’s Precision Race Components cylinder heads with 260cc intake ports. The heads flow in excess of 370 CFM and, along with the aggressive “Chop Monster” cam and Hooker headers, allow the big LS to breathe easy. The result is an impressive 669 hp.

Bring a Trailer

Behind the nasty V-8 is a stout 4L80E transmission from Gearstar. In case you’re not familiar, just think of a 4L80E as an electronically controlled Turbo 400 with overdrive. They’re probably not the most efficient transmission thanks to their heavy-duty construction, although they do come with one heck of a reputation for durability and longevity. If you want to put this burnout machine to work as your shop truck, or, well, burnout machine, you’ll probably be glad it’s there.

What we like best about this truck is how it was upgraded where it counts, in addition to the complete suspension transformation and drivetrain swap, a Wilwood brake system, stealthy Dakota Digital dash, and Vintage Air HVAC system give the pickup some much-needed updates. That kind of power and performance doesn’t come cheap. With a few days left in the auction and the bid at just $33,000, we’ve got a feeling things are going to heat up.




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