Party on! Wayne’s World Mirthmobile is bound for Arizona Auction Week

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It’s tough to turn a five-minute TV sketch into a movie, let alone two full-length features. Wayne’s World managed to do just that thanks to Mike Myers and Dana Carvey going absolutely all-in on the comedy and making Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar into often-quoted fan favorites. The Blues Brothers is the only other movie based on characters from SNL that remains as iconic, and it, like Wayne’s World, had a pretty prominent car to share the screen with the headlining characters.

Now’s your chance to own Garth’s car. The 1976 AMC Pacer used in Wayne’s World will be up for auction at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale sale. Sorry, MacGruber, your Miata didn’t have what it takes to get you in the running.

Waynes World pacer movie car interior dash

The 1976 AMC Pacer owned by Garth Algar and known to the characters as the “Mirthmobile” makes several appearances in the 1992 film, including perhaps the movie’s most memorable scene in which members of Wayne and Garth’s band sing along and headbang to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. The car was originally yellow but was painted for the movie in its now-famous shade of baby blue. A few wisps of flames adorn the lower fender and door by way of decals. Inside, the car was modified for speakers, naturally, and the roof-mounted red-vine dispenser is still intact, as is the dash-mounted cup dispenser. Because this was the car used for filming, some remnants of cinema craft remain, including camera mounts on the rockers.

A restoration returned the Mirthmobile to its 1992 film-era glory, including a full repaint and reupholstery that’s probably as close as you’re gonna get to a “no-honk guarantee.” The interior props, however, are original. It still comes with mismatched wheels as well. In 2016, this same Mirthmobile was sold by Barrett-Jackson for $37,400. We’re curious to see how this sale will go, as this pint-sized two-door is probably the most famous film AMC with the exception, perhaps, of 007’s acrobatic Hornet.

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