An argument for hand selling your car

Okay, I’ve changed my mind. (Not really, but I’m thinking about it). Hand selling a car is WAY better than dragging it to some collector car auction. No, really, bear with me here. Why spend the green to transport your car halfway across the country just so you can pay a fee to sell it? I mean, really, what do these guys think they are doing?   

I can just put an ad online, or start an eBay auction, or put the ad in a collector car publication, then sit back and wait for the emails to come flying in with questions. Then at little or no cost to me someone flies in to look at it, hands me a cashier’s check and drives away into the sunset. Simple! (Okay, they rarely go that easily, but they can!)   

Bingo, I’ve saved maybe $1,000 or more on the sale of my $10,000 car. Dude that’s 10 percent!   

Here are some of the risks, however. Was that $10,000 cashier’s check really written for $10 and modified on the buyer’s computer? Is he on his way back to steal the stuff he now know is in my garage? What happens in a case of buyer’s remorse?   

I’ll go back to what I said last week: There is no perfect way to sell a collector car. Then again, there is no perfect way to buy one, either.

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