Losses and Lessons: Goat bites pony car

VEHICLE COVERED: 1966 Ford Mustang

WHAT WENT WRONG: A South Carolina family hosted a birthday party for their son. Since the children at the party needed access to the bicycles in the garage, the door was left open for easy entry. Unfortunately, that left the family’s classic Ford Mustang in harm’s way, not just from the kids at the party but the “kids” from down the street – the neighbors’ goats. The goats escaped from their pen, found their way into the garage and jumped on top of the Mustang, causing significant damage to the car.

DAMAGE/LOSS: The goats’ hooves dented the hood and fenders, resulting in a repair bill of $6,453, which Hagerty paid.

LESSON: Many claims happen right at home and are often caused by animals, be they pets; critters like mice, squirrels and raccoons; or runaway livestock. So unless you’re moving your car or working on it, it’s best to keep it covered and the garage doors closed. Even then, be aware of objects near your car. A garage has plenty of hazards you might not think about – lawn tools, paint cans, heavy boxes and other household items – that could easily fall onto your vehicle.

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