This 91-mile Honda S2000 just sold for $70,000

2009 Honda S2000 3/4 front high BaT

Seventy grand can buy a lot of car. That kind of dough will put you in a new Corvette Grand Sport. Or a nicely optioned Jaguar F-Type. You can buy two base-model Ford F150s if you’re the practical sort, or, if you don’t mind an old car that needs work, a Mazda Miata for every day of the month.

Or you can get a 10-year-old Honda S2000.

If that seems like a lot, well, it is, given that Hagerty pegs the value of a #1-condition, Concour-quality 2000 to 2003 AP1 version of the car at just $43,000. But this car, which sold yesterday on Bring a Trailer, barely qualifies as used. It has just 91 miles on the odometer and has never even been registered. The car has spent its entire life being traded among dealerships.

2009 Honda S2000 front end detail
2009 Honda S2000 BaT
2009 Honda S2000 fender
2009 Honda S2000 BaT

2009 Honda S2000 engine
2009 Honda S2000 BaT
2009 Honda S2000 interior
2009 Honda S2000 BaT

Beyond the crazy low mileage, there’s nothing much to report. The car looks like it just rolled out of a showroom because, in effect, it has. It’s a mint-condition collector-grade example of the marvelous rear-drive roadster that took everything we love about the Miata and made it just a little bit better.

When the S2000 ended its decade-long run in 2009, the car carried an MSRP of $34,995, or about $41,700 in current dollars. To double its value in so little time is one heck of a return. That price makes it the most expensive S2000 sold on Bring a Trailer, well head of the $48,000 1000-mile car that sold in November.

As crazy as a $70,000 S2000 might sound, the price didn’t set a record. Mecum Auctions sold a similarly pristine 2003 model with 885 miles a year ago for $71,500. The S2000 is nice, but for that kind of money, we’d rather buy a classic Acura NSX.

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