Watch this vicious Vette and rowdy Camaro duel at Road Atlanta


It’s true race cars are much more raw than road cars, but there’s an additional primal element that’s inherent to vintage racers. When you have a pair of these beasts come out of retirement to duke it out on Road America’s fast and winding blacktop, you see it on full display.

This video from Historic Sportscar Racing successfully captures five minutes of an intense cat and mouse showdown between a sidepipe-equipped C2 Corvette roadster and absolutely brutal first-generation Camaro. Shot from from the pony car’s perspective, the pair trade blows and swap positions as their race-prepped V-8s scream to their stratospheric redlines. It’s a rush just watching the driver wrestle the wheel to control oversteer and bang through the gears of the old four-speed.

Just like a playoff game that keeps your eyes glued to the screen, the action between the cars ebbs and flows, with the dead-even brawl raging on while they snake through slower traffic. Each fighter spends a good chunk of time out front, and just when it looks like one might run away, the other comes hauling back into frame. We’d highly recommend that future Super Bowl contenders take note: this is how to keep viewers’ attention.

These machines might not be as fast or well sorted as their modern track-bound analogs, but the roar they produce while their tires eat up the asphalt will have your heart pumping faster than just about any modern sports car. Have a watch for yourself and let us know in the comments below which one of these uncaged animals you’d want to pilot on your favorite road course.

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