Lego’s two-in-one 911 Turbo/Targa is a set so nice you’ll build it twice

Lego Porsche 911 two-in-one set Targa Turbo box

Here’s something we don’t get to say often: Get two Porsches for the price of one! Two Porsches made out of plastic bricks, that is.

Lego’s newest kit—which goes on sale February 16 online—lets you build either a Porsche 911 Turbo or a 911 Targa, depending on your fancy. It’s a pretty ingenious move, and we applaud the decision to pack more fun into one box. Both models hail from the G-series of 911s, produced between 1973–89, a generation that, for 1975, introduced the very first 911 Turbo.

Lego Porsche 911 two-in-one set Turbo Targa both

Though the Turbo and Targa hail from the same general era, any Porsche aficionado will be quick to enumerate the many and substantial differences between the two cars. Lego does not disappoint in the details: The Turbo build adds a wider rear axle, more generous fender flares, a whale-tail rear wing, and (of course) a turbocharger and intercooler—all in addition to the mandatory “turbo” badging.

The Targa configuration is no less delightful. Though it sacrifices the blistered fenders, spoiler, and forced induction of the Turbo, it sports a black Targa bar and a wraparound rear window. The removable roof even fits in the frunk.

The interior, shared between the two cars, features a shift knob, a hand brake, and functional steering. (Don’t be surprised if your freshly-built 911 decides to pull some sick drifts.) True to form, the front seats are cushy and the back seats look … well, hard as bricks.

Lego Porsche 911 two-in-one set in progress

Both the Targa and the Turbo configurations are “upholstered” in two shades of orange. We dug up a period Porsche brochure—shown in the slideshow below—and Lego’s color choices look spot-on.

The front seats even tilt forward for (very petite) rear passengers.

The kit will cost $150 and will become available online as of February 16. Expect it to hit Lego stores on March 1. If you’re a member of Lego’s VIP loyalty program, you’ll even get some Porsche swag to accompany your purchase: a collector’s Lego Porsche wallet filled with four unique art prints based on period Porsche 911 ads. Sounds like a sweet deal.

Lego Porsche 911 two-in-one set Turbo desk
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