Hot Wheels’ exclusive Red Line Club cars just got more accessible

2018 Hot Wheels Club Original 16 Display Set. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels’ most exclusive die-cast cars are about to become more attainable. Starting March 9 at noon Eastern Time, the Hot Wheels Collectors Club will lift all membership restrictions and offer digital memberships that give members the opportunity to purchase vehicles from the Hot Wheels Red Line Club.

For an annual fee of $9.99, new and renewing Hot Wheels Collectors Club members can purchase a limited edition 2021 Red Line Club 1970 Boss 302 Mustang (while supplies last). The exclusive RLC Mustang kit includes the car, a commemorative patch, and a button. Hot Wheels fans can register for membership at

Red Line Club cars are the rarest, highest-quality, and most sought-after Hot Wheels vehicles produced, and they often sell out within minutes. In the past, these top-tier builds—with opening panels, detailed engine bays, finished interiors, and collector cases—have only been available to a limited number of Hot Wheels Collectors members.

Sets like the 2018 Hot Wheels Club Original 16 Display Set—limited to a production run of 1500—sold out in only nine minutes. Originally offered through Mattel/Hot Wheels for $500, complete sets are now going for $2000–$5000 on eBay and other third-party websites.

“Hot Wheels’ collector audience has grown massively over the past few years, initially fueled by the excitement surrounding Hot Wheels’ 50th anniversary in 2018 and continuing through our incredible product lines, strong heritage, and multiple ways of connecting with fans,” says Roberto Stanichi, SVP of Hot Wheels and Global Head of Vehicles at Mattel. “With this expansion in membership of Hot Wheels Collectors, automotive enthusiasts will finally have a shot at owning the most premium Hot Wheels Red Line Club vehicles and more.”

In addition to receiving access to the best Hot Wheels cars available, club members can engage with other passionate fans via community forums. Count us among those who’ll be joining the fun!

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    Hello, As a kid, I always wanted a Boss Hoss, mom couldn’t afford it at the time. I recently bought two, one is missing the roof stripes and numbers, how can I get the stickers for that car. Thanks, Scott

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