What Did You Really Want Under the Tree?

Results were scattered, though many said that their favorite gift would be a Crate motor. More specifically, a Chevy 572 Crate motor for one poll taker. Classics like a ’47 Mercury convertible, ’51 Ford Crestline convertiblea Mustang convertible with white interior, a ’62 Corvette – with fuel injection – and a ’70 Plymouth Superbird. Many seem to have thought about the nice warm summer months while taking this poll!

More popular results were a hoist/car lift, customized trailer, a well-insulated heated garage, new car covers and a ground-up restoration. Two respondents even went so far as to say, “Money to do a complete restoration of my 1973 Fury police car,” and “For somebody to assemble my Volkswagen convertible, as it’s been 7 years so far and I can’t seem to find the time.”

And to bring us back to the winter season: a heated garage and good driving weather!


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