Question of the Week: What is your greatest hack?

It might not be something you are proud of, but it got your wheels turning again. The hacks that many a self-mechanic has done to get the job done are a true rite of passage. It’s time to reveal what your favorite is, and no one will be judging—we’ve probably done it too.

One of my personal favorite hacks is to use oven cleaner to remove the baked-on grease and grime from engine parts. Combined with a rinse from a pressure washer, a few rounds will have everything—from engine blocks to sheetmetal parts—ready for sandblasting or final cleaning before applying a coat of paint. Just be sure to rinse all remains of the oven cleaner to prevent any chemical damage, especially on aluminum.

Now it’s your chance to show off your garage knowledge. Tell us about what you use that just works, whether it should or not. We won’t judge, we promise.

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