Question of the Week: Which car best symbolizes America?

We all know that George Washington rode into battle in a Dodge Challenger ( if one had been available at the time, sure, maybe the American Cincinnatus would have chosen a Challenger), but is there a more fitting choice than that? Because this Wednesday is July 4, the 242nd anniversary of America’s Declaration of Independence, we began wondering what the most American car is. We’re not just talking about what’s on the window sticker and parts content—eight signers of the Declaration were born in Great Britain or Ireland, after all—but one that best defines America with its look and perhaps a few revs of its engine.

There could be any number of reasons to pick a wide variety of cars. Is it the Lunar Rover, a symbol of exploration and ingenuity? Or maybe an AMC Rebel Machine—a V-8, RWD muscle car from an independent company that also happens to be painted red, white, and blue? America isn’t exactly known for its subtlety.

We could offer more ideas, but we don’t want to steal yours. Tell us what you think. We’re up for hearing all sorts of ideas, so get creative!

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