This glorious LEGO Ford Falcon straight-six engine needs your support

Ford’s Barra inline-six might not be well known in the States, but it’s an absolute sensation in its homeland of Australia. A fully-evolved form of the lowly 200 cubic-inch sixes found in ’60s Mustangs, these engines ended up mutating into twin-cam, turbocharged, 4.0-liter monsters that produced as much as 436 horsepower in their final iteration. The high-output Barra inline-six was found under the hood of the Falcon XR6 Sprint, which was another gem that didn’t make it Stateside.

Luckily, LEGO IDEAS user kingleo would like to shrink the cost of entry to the world of Barra—and shrink the engine while he’s at it. This self described “true blue Aussie” has created a miniature, fully-rotating replica of the iconic powerplant and submitted it to the site in hopes of it becoming a full-fledged LEGO kit. And judging by the level of detail he was able to achieve with regular off-the-shelf bricks and pieces, this little powerplant is close to primetime.

The IDEAS process is beautifully simple. Come up with a unique stroke of brilliance for a new LEGO design, execute your vision in colorful block form, and submit to the site for other enthusiasts to view. Users can upvote projects they deem awesome by clicking the blue “support” button on the corresponding page. And with enough community support, LEGO might just put your invention into production.

So while you’re waiting for your own creation to become an official LEGO schematic, make sure to check out the video of kingleo’s project in motion and photos of the mini-Barra below.

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