Here’s how Magneride works like magic

The Cadillac Seville STS brought Magneride suspension to the masses in 2002, and since then Magneride has found its way onto all manner of performance and luxury cars. Why? Because it’s like having multiple suspension tunings all in one, which is constantly changing properties faster than with the mechanical limitations of other technologies.

Plus, with the twist of a switch, the ride characteristics of a car can be changed from plush and luxurious to firm and sporty. And if you don’t know how it works, it seems like Magneride is magic. So how does it work?

Donut Media dove into the topic with is latest episode of Science Garage. The short answer is magnets. The long answer is, well, longer, and involves a good bit more science. Watch the video for great example of not only how basic automotive shocks work, but also how magnetic dampers function and how they’ve improved over time.

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