Instagram photo gallery: Our favorite automotive images

There’s no place like home, especially for the holidays. And there’s no place like Instagram for great automotive images from professionals and amateurs alike.

We asked members of Hagerty’s media team to share their recent Instagram favorites, and you might notice a jolly ol’ theme emerging. Here are their picks, with staff listed in alphabetical order by first name:

Ben Woodworth, Video Team Lead

@amyshorephotography christmas trees on old cars

’Tis the season! Love this shot from Amy Shore. It’s always fun to see Christmas trees on old cars, but a Christmas tree on an old Mini is even more fun! Makes me want to go strap a tree to the Hagerty VW Beetle and drive around town like that for the next couple weeks.

Carolyn Greenman, Manager of Media Services

@lennyshairsalon christmas trees on old cars

Actually, I’d rather have a 1963 Ford Falcon Ranchero—black, three on the tree (in case you’re listening, Santa), but this old Ford Pinto ad seems like the perfect fit this time of year.

Eric Weiner, Online Managing Editor

@ryfips Countach donuts

I’m a simple man. I see a Smurf blue Lamborghini Countach doing slick donuts, and I become happy.

Jeff Peek, Senior Writer hotwheels

The magic of toys and Christmas, rolled into one eye-catching photo. I always love new posts from German artist/photographer Eva Gieselberg, because her shots appeal to both the kid in me as well as the classic car enthusiast. They’re the gift that keeps on giving.

Joe DeMatio, Senior Manager of Content

@roadtripchris license plate

Although a number of my Instagram friends posted pics from Radwood 2, the gathering of 1980s and ’90s cars held in Anaheim, California, earlier this month, only my longtime pal (and longtime Hagerty member) Chris Hoffman shot his photos with 1990s film—literally film he bought 20-plus years ago and stashed in his refrigerator in Long Beach. This did not surprise me, because Hoffman obsessively curates and cares for every physical object in his life, from cars to cameras to his 1950s California ranch home. This particular RoadTripChris Instagram post is all about a slightly lumpy Firebird, but peruse the feed for other goodies from Radwood, like Hoffman’s own pristine Honda CRX, which he’s had since new.

Kyle Smith, Content Contributor

@indyfabulous Porsche 356 with bicycles

As a fan of both custom bicycles and classic cars, I enjoy when the two passions intersect. Independent Fabrication builds bespoke titanium bicycles, and they went one further by creating a custom rack for a Porsche 356 to haul their creations. Form, meet function.

Matt Lewis, Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist

@toddkraemer Classic Dodge with a Christmas tree

Everyone’s favorite art director, Todd Kraemer, came across this sweet Dodge in downtown Berkley. Looks like the owner is ready for the season!

Nick Gravlin, Digital Asset Coordinator

@shortcars Aston Martin DB6

The way these photos are manipulated to create new car styles both intrigues and excites me. Oh, what could have been.

Reggie Horning, Content Contributor

@prestontakespictures Oldsmobile

I love this guy’s page, I don’t know how I know him, or why I started following, but his photos are great. This is my favorite. Get it? Oldsmobile is no more!

Stefan Lombard, Managing Editor, Hagerty magazine

@ernsteverything Lancia slot car

I can’t get over how much I love this shot. I’m a big fan of shooting tiny cars like they’re big cars, so there’s that. But the perspective just sings. The long shot down the track and the slight list of the car, a mini Lancia 037, together perfectly capture a view you would have seen from the full-size thing during Group B rally’s heyday.

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