Upcoming Ford Bronco gets a new(ish) logo, spring 2020 release date

The iconic horse logo is getting a modern update for reveal of the next-generation Bronco, slated for spring 2020. Ford released a short video highlighting the evolution of the logo and its text counterpart; the nameplate began with an italicized script and moved to blocky when the mini SUV went full-size, then morphed to a bubbly font before landing on the current iteration using a bold, wide typeface. The fresh iteration of the horse emblem still shows an unbroken, bucking horse standing on its front legs ready to deliver a kick with its hind legs. It now has wider-planted front feet and a higher flying tail, but it’s instantly recognizable.

With any luck, Ford’s designers have managed the same feat with the design of the actual Bronco, which has been closely guarded. Keeping new models a secret is a difficult task in the age of sniper-lensed spy photographers, but Ford is particularly good at it.

new ford bronco logo
Ford Bronco logo Ford
new ford bronco logo wide
Ford Bronco logo wide Ford

I’d argue Ford isn’t as sharp on automotive history, however. The Blue Oval claims on the Bronco website that, “in 1966, Ford introduced the world’s first SUV.” Apparently, neither the Willys Wagon, which Ford rebadged in South America as the Ford Rural, nor the International Harvester Scout qualify as SUVs. Hard to agree, there. Regardless, many are eagerly anticipating the reveal of the 2020 Bronco—the North American market needs more off-road capable SUVs to keep Jeep on its toes. 

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