Chip Foose’s C/28 pickup is a Trans Am racer with bed

Chip Foose is one of the most famous aftermarket designers around (and, full disclosure, Official Hagerty Brand Ambassador). His reimaginations of classic sheet metal are timeless and classy. So what happens when he acquires a C10 pickup as well as a 1967 Z/28-spec 302 V-8? The C/28 is born. Chip gives the full rundown of the truck and what he did to it in a new video shared by Foose Designs.

The finished white pickup is more than an engine swap. That would be too easy for Foose. No, he blended multiple design elements and features from a ’67 Camaro Z/28. The changes from the C10 donor’s shape are subtle, like the use of modified Camaro bumpers. The front required an additional 14 inches of width, and the rear is 14.5 inches wider and required adjustment to the end curves before it fit the body just right. Each end of the truck also received a roll pan to make the body appear complete under the thinner bumpers.

Under the hood, though, is the crown jewel of the truck. C10 pickups are some of the most popular trucks to modify, and for good reason. They look great tricked out with aftermarket bits, and there is plenty of space between the front wheels to fit just about any engine you could want. Foose didn’t go big, or modern, working instead with an MO-code 302 engine. It looks period-correct in a way a modern LS small-block just can’t.

The interior continues the theme with a rosewood Z/28 steering wheel and pepita patterned cloth accents on the bench seat. A five-speed manual shifter pops up through the floor and is one of the few tells this truck is a reimagination of what could have been. The glove box door got changed out, and in reproducing the options sticker on the back of the door, Foose added a few fake options codes that detail out his additions the truck. A nice touch.

We think this truck is what a resto-mod should be, tasteful upgrades without losing the character of the original vehicle. Would you make any changes or did Foose get it just right? Let us know in the Hagerty Forums below.

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