5 great deals on Hemmings right now

Shopping for cars is a primal rite for car nuts. Getting the right car at the right price makes a sweet car that much sweeter. And even for window shoppers, there’s pride in knowing that you knew a good buy when you saw it.

This time, our valuation team has done the work for you. Here are five Hemmings classifieds that look good, with asking prices significantly lower than our #2 condition rating. Granted, you can’t tell if these cars warrant such a high rating from the ad, and there could be other unknown issues. Figuring that out, of course, is all part of the thrill.

1976 BMW 2002

Price: $10,500

Hagerty Price Guide #2 value: $17,100

1976 bmw 2002 malaga
Garage Kept Motors via Hemmings

Yes, I’m going to use the word iconic. Prices for the iconic BMW 2002 have been stable these the last few years. There might not be much money to be made in appreciation, but it’s also an affordable way to get into the car that established BMW as “The Ultimate Driving Machine” before that tagline was created. The listing says, “it’s not perfect cosmetically,” and a careful inspection for rust is prudent given the car’s current location in Michigan. That said, the asking price is only a few hundred dollars over #3 condition.

1992 Acura NSX

Price: $45,500

Hagerty Price Guide #2 value: $57,500

1992 acura nsx red
via Hemmings

If you thought you missed the boat on the Acura NSX, this could be your life raft. While not quite as hot as the Toyota Supra in the Hagerty Vehicle Rating, the NSX is still an investment-grade Japanese supercar. This listing checks all the right boxes: low miles, minor modifications with original parts included, and the owner claims it was garage-kept.

1982 Ford Bronco

Price: $9,900

Hagerty Price Guide #2 value: $15,800

1982 Ford Bronco profile
4-Wheel Classics via Hemmings

The Ford Bronco is hot right now and, with a new one coming in 2020, it’s almost guaranteed to get hotter. The 1980–86 versions are the most affordable way to get in on the Bronco craze. This example has two-tone paint and, while possibly short of “excellent” condition, is only listed a little over #3 values. If it’s as rust-free as the photos suggest, that’s easily worth some extra money.

1988 BMW M3

Price: $51,900

Hagerty Price Guide #2 value: $80,600

1998 BMW M3 red
Nuccio Auto Group via Hemmings

Another “iconic” BMW (the ad even uses the term twice), also listed close to #2 values. This one was repainted 10 years into its life. Judging by the condition of the seats, the interior has either been recently refreshed or preserved incredibly well. If you’re looking for an E30-generation M3 and can withstand the expensive upkeep, is this the one?

1963 Buick Riviera

Price $22,900

Hagerty Price Guide #2 value: $35,000

1963 Buick Riviera front three quarter
Midwest Car Exchange via Hemmings

A perfect example of a possible hidden gem. With only a three photos and a limited amount of information, this is the kind of listing that most people won’t spend much time on. Those willing to look closer could get one of GM’s most elegant 1960s designs and big V-8 power for a price that allows for worry-free regular driving.

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