5 butt-clenchingly brilliant saves from the 2018 Goodwood Revival

By now you should already know that the Goodwood Revival is a nexus of out-of-this-world vintage car celebration. Hell, you don’t even need to leave the parking lot to be in one of the most eclectic and expansive car shows around. But when you do finally make it to Goodwood, block off a healthy chunk of time to plunk your bottom in a seat and strap in for some of the most glorious vintage racing in the world.

People go all-out at Goodwood, and it’s here where you see action just like they days when these cars were new. Now and then there will be an unavoidable crash, but nothing showcases a driver’s skill like a nail-biting, I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened save. (A little luck never hurts, either.) Goodwood released footage of the top five saves from the 2018 Revival, and it’s enough to make your heart well up in your throat.

Things kick off in a hurry with a white Aston Martin DB4GT spinning like a top, trunk flapping open in the breeze. Rob Huff in a Jaguar E-type FHC manages a terrifying near miss by swerving out of the way, narrowly avoiding the whirling Aston. Next comes a massive lockup as a Mercury Comet Cyclone comes in hot for a big right turn, only to understeer off into the grass and somehow—miraculously—guide the car off of a collision course with a wall of tires. Maybe you’d like to see a Ferrari 225S Vignale Berlinetta or a Morris Mini Cooper S flung off into the grass and somehow manage to avoid spin or collision? Top marks however, go to the silver Jaguar Mk1 that gets edged off the pavement and nearly sandwiched between two other cars, bounds over some bumpy sections of grass, only to brilliantly recover and slide across the track before almost slamming into another car.

Phew. If you need me, I’ll be sitting down in the corner hyperventilating into a paper bag for the next several minutes.

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