1952 Volkswagen Beetle

2dr Convertible

4-cyl. 1131cc/25hp 1bbl

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#2 Excellent condition#2 Excellent
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#4 Fair condition#4 Fair
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Model overview

Model description

Volkswagen increased production in 1952, totalling 114,348 vehicles, though only 601 sales were registered in the U.S. Most were 1952 Type 1 Beetles with a handful of cabriolets and the new Type 2 Transporter. Upgrades and running changes continued, with stronger jacking points and vent windows from October that year. The hydraulic brake reservoir was improved, and the park lights received their own electrical circuit. A Klettermaxe jack was added to the toolkit in March and double valve springs were replaced by single ones. A more accurate clutch cable lever was developed.

Prices increased again for the 1952 Volkswagen Beetle. The standard two-door sedan cost $1395, the DeLuxe Sedan was $1595, the Sunroof Sedan $1667 and the Cabriolet jumped to $2395. The same 15 exterior colors were available as in 1951. Interior colors, materials, carpets and rubber mats were keyed to exterior paint and remained the same.

Volkswagen planned to build 160,000 cars in 1953 and had already dispatched more than 250,000 cars to 83 separate countries. The first obvious change would occur midway through 1953 with the adoption of a one-piece oval rear windows but gradual changes meant that early cars were a mixture of parts.

The gearbox now had synchromesh on the top three gears. Rear torsion bars were reduced in thickness and wider wheels were fitted, along with smaller brake cylinders. Vent windows had been introduced in mid-1952 and window cranks were modified for fewer turns to lower the windows.

The rear deck also now had a T-handle instead of a vertical one and the rear lights had top lenses for brake lights. The glove box had a push button to latch it, and the improved dash continued with a bigger speedometer, big chrome central grille, and 2-spoke steering wheel. The turn signal lever was on the left of the wheel and both headlight and wiper switches were now push-pull design. An oil bath air filter was fitted, and engine valve clearances reduced.


Additional Info
Vehicle Length: 160 in
Wheelbase - Inches: 94.5 in
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