1990 Ford Mustang Saleen SC

3dr Hatchback

8-cyl. 302cid/304hp EFI Supercharged

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Model overview

Model description

The major update for the Ford Mustang in 1990 was the addition of a driver’s side airbag. There was great debate internally as to how to accomplish this addition, and the end result was that the steering wheel was no longer adjustable.

For the most part, the Fox body Mustang was largely unchanged from its major update in 1987, which included thorough design updates and a boost in performance. The engine options were a 90-horsepower four or the iconic 5.0-liter V-8, which made 225 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque.

Ford hadn’t properly celebrated the Mustang’s 25th anniversary with a special model in 1989 (a run of 1989 Mustangs had special lettering in the interior), but for 1990 a limited run of LX 5.0L convertibles came in Deep Emerald Green clear coat metallic paint with a white top. While the car didn’t have the body kit of the GT, it did have the GT wheels and GT bucket seats. It also came with the Special Value Package, including a number of creature comforts. These elements were planned for part of a product tie-in with 7-Up and the NCAA, but the synergy never materialized. Many still call these the “7-Up Mustangs” and only about 4,000 were built.

Clear-coat paint became standard in 1990, and leather interior trim became an option. 1990 was the final year of the ASC McLaren convertible. While production numbers were as high 1,015 in 1988, there were only 65 built in 1990, making them a true collector’s item. A limited number of Saleen Mustangs were also built for this year, including fastbacks and convertibles.

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