1960s American

Jet age styling and a minimalist approach took hold of American car design in the 1960s, replacing the chrome brightwork and towering tailfins that came to define 1950s American models. Slab sides, thin pillars, and subdued embellishments all came together to evolve car design from the previous decade and usher in a whole new visual language.

Most importantly for car enthusiasts, the 1960s also brought muscle cars and pony cars to market. Both were groundbreaking new car categories that energized a young generation of drivers, many of whom carried their enthusiasm with them into their adult years.

Cars like the Pontiac Firebird, Chevrolet Camaro, and of course the Ford Mustang offered affordable style and performance, and were highly configurable to individual tastes. Muscle machines like the Chevrolet Chevelle, Pontiac GTO, Dodge Super Bee, and the Plymouth GTX, all upped the ante with higher and higher horsepower ratings. Meanwhile, the Cadillac Eldorado, Lincoln Continental, Buick Riviera, and Oldsmobile Toronado represented American luxury in new and creative ways. And who could forget the second-generation Chevy Corvette, which established the blueprint for America's sports car for decades?

Here are a few standouts to get you started.

1960s American

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