You can’t go wrong with a 1962 Morgan Plus 4 race car

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The Morgan Plus 4 came out in 1950, complete with a steel chassis, an ash wood frame, and a steel body. In 1962, the Malvern, U.K. factory introduced the Plus 4 Super Sports, which packed a tuned Triumph engine under its lightweight aluminum body. Naturally, this model went to Le Mans straight away, winning its class in front of a Bristol-powered AC Ace that could not finish the race.

This particular Plus 4 Super Sports, chassis 5409, is a 1962 model built in the 1970s for Michael Lucassen (who raced it with some success in Dutch historic racing) and Peter Ecury, who campaigned it across the continent and beyond from 1980-1984. In that stretch of time, chassis 5409 won the Benelux historic championship, as well as the European one. This beast of a Mog then went to America to Professor Michael Mulroney, who campaigned it in various SCCA and SVRA races from 1985 to 2012.

After all those hard years, the car would land in England for a complete restoration, returning to action during the 2018 Le Mans Classic.

1962 Morgan Plus 4 race car hood

Goodwood’s Ben Miles went to Kent for the fully British driving experience, with this Plus 4 Super Sports now sporting a new 2.2-liter engine with a rebuilt gearbox, along with a fresh price tag of $116,000. If that sounds steep for a caged, race-ready Morgan hardtop, try finding an equally potent, entertaining, yet still streetable historic race car. It’s practically begging for full throttle, if only so its Webers stay clean.

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