U.K. barn find packs horde of Euro metal, but we have questions


In 1955 alone, Chevrolet rolled 1.7 million examples of the 150, 210, and Bel Air from the factory. That’s just the cars, never mind the trucks and such. All that metal had to go somewhere, right? Some got used up, some tucked away and saved, and some ended their lives sitting in a barn—waiting to be one day be found. It’s not just Chevrolets out there, of course and U.K.-based YouTuber IAMSTOKZE recently made his way into a stash of something far more extraordinary than a Tri-Five.

The hoard starts with a Porsche 912 and 356 that are both in downright rough condition. In a more open part of the building sit Jaguars, an Aston Martin, and a little green Lotus all tucked under what looks like carpet in an attempt to either hide or partially protect them. Sadly, this kind of “protection” often does more harm than good. Many of the other cars appear to have been projects that were started and either abandoned or just never completed.

Barn finds are nothing new, and some have even perfected the art. Naturally, some discoveries are found in better condition than others. The worst ones suffered dirt floors, animal damage, or leaky roofs, any and all of which usually accelerate corrosion at a furious rate. Yet even with the iron oxide ravaging many such shells, there are often people passionate enough to invest in saving at least pieces of a barn find.

This video in particular brings up an interesting discussion. Barn finds are cool and fun, but there is a right and wrong way to go about the process. The two gentleman in this video don’t blatantly say it, but the whispering when they first walk up and quickly pass through most of the building suggests that they did not get explicit permission to walk the property, let alone film it and share it with the world.

Let’s be clear: That is not the right way to go about things. Approaching property owners can be uncomfortable or difficult, and there is always the chance you will be turned away, but trespassing is a crime regardless of how many cars lie just out of view. Respect for people’s privacy and property should come first. As our own Barn Find Hunter, Tom Cotter, will readily profess, leading with kindness and respect is the best way to forge connections, build relationships, and make positive memories. And isn’t that what this whole hobby is about?

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