Ride along as Derek Bell hot-laps Lime Rock in a Porsche 962

The sale of Lime Rock Park had us reflecting on the road course’s rich history, and nothing speaks to that like watching Derek Bell properly cane a Porsche 962 around Lime Rock’s 1.5 -mile road course. It’s pretty much the ultimate Thursday motivator.

The 962 is manic around the tight track, which makes sense considering it is a chassis that was originally designed around the IMSA GTP regulations of the 1980s. The GTP class ran mostly in North America, but the rulebook very closely aligned with the regulations for FIA Group C, which ran internationally. Fuel consumption regulations were the main difference as GTP did not have any, much to the appreciation of drivers like Bell, who was quoted saying, “Race fans do not come to races to watch an economy run.”

The laps in this video are hardly “economy runs.” The turbocharged flat-six seems to make endless power, and hearing the blow-off valves each time Bell lifts his right foot is an intoxicating sound. Somehow Bell makes hustling this monster of a car look a bit like a commute—especially when he gets stuck behind a white 911 for a few corners before he is able to swing left and pass. Honestly, with the camera angle, it is almost tough to get a feel for the speed and acceleration of it all, but there is a visible G-force meter for all to see—the key chain at the bottom of the screen just left of the silver knob that likely controls boost or brake bias.

Even with Lime Rock under new ownership, we are hopeful that the racing and the track’s unique atmosphere will continue. We may never see it quite as wild as this, however. Do you have a favorite Lime Rock video or story? Share it with the Hagerty Community below.

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