Jay Leno’s Morgan 3-wheeler love affair started in a ditch

Some of life’s greatest love affairs start with something going wrong, and the relationship between Jay Leno and his Morgan 3-wheeler is one for the ages. The goofy motorcycle/car hybrid is interesting enough that of course it caught the interest of Jay; the man loves his weird and wonderful vehicles. His first drive in the green roadster was less than ideal, but that doesn’t keep him from continuing to take this one out for drives.

How bad was that first adventure? Jay mentions it in passing while talking through the features of the car, but anyone else that got stuck in a ditch with their new Morgan would likely have more to say about the experience than a quick note. He doesn’t mention how he ended up in the ditch but it likely wasn’t because of the enormous power coming from the front-mounted V-twin.

The engine is an S&S unit that displaces 1983cc and pumps out 115 horsepower. It’s an air and oil-cooled powerplant which eliminates the radiator of the original 3-Wheeler design of 90 years ago. That S&S engine, connected to a five-speed gearbox plucked from the Mazda Miata, powers the single rear wheel. The whole package weighs in right about 1100 pounds and is just about as simple as a vehicle can get without requiring the driver to pedal.

The whole absurd vehicle is something Jay describes as a delight to drive. There is a surprising amount of legroom and the seat is comfortable enough to make piloting the roadster from the small cockpit quite enjoyable. It would be a terrible choice for a large road trip, but for a day trip to a scenic spot it seems like the perfect balance of snug and fun to drive. After all, what’s fun about being practical?


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