Jason Momoa commissions a makeover for his wife’s ’65 Mustang

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From where we’re sitting, Lisa Bonet is surrounded by some pretty good guys. Case in point? Her father bought her a 1965 Mustang as her first car when she was 17, and her husband, Jason Momoa (who you may know as Aquaman or Khal Drogo), dug up the exact car and commissioned a makeover from Divine 1 Customs.

Judging by the gigantic, built-out Ford pickup Momoa rolls up in, he and his wife share an affinity for Fords. Bonet’s 1965 GT is reportedly one of three built in its exact configuration, though the video is short on the details. From what we can tell, the convertible was originally painted blue, equipped with a 289 V-8 and a four-speed, and features black leather seats embossed with galloping horses. Whether Bonet’s father went all-out on the order sheet and specified the top-tier 271-hp tune for that 289 is unclear.

Momoa envisions the restoration as a surprise for his wife, but it’s clear that, despite the polaroids he carries of the blue convertible, this Mustang isn’t going to be restored to time-travel spec.


After rolling the Mustang into the shop, the crew at Divine 1 Customs starts by spraying down the car … not just the exterior, but the door panels, too. Then they dismantle and detach the convertible top—which has certainly seen better days—scrap the ratty fabric, lift out the engine, and detach the body panels. There’s a lot of de-gunking in order, in addition to dealing with the noticeable rust on the passenger side door:


The body goes to the paint shop for yet another repaint—this time a glossy black.

YouTube/Jason Momoa

The engine comes back boasting a modern ignition system and aftermarket finned aluminum valve covers.

YouTube/Jason Momoa

When he returns to the shop to pick up the car, Momoa can’t help getting a little emotional. Sitting in the driver’s seat, he holds pictures of the convertible in its original blue. “This was my wife’s first car. I never thought that it would look like this,” he says. “To be in this passenger seat with my wife here and to surprise her, and our babies in the back … riding in her first car when she was 17 … I’m excited to see her face.”

When she sees sleek black-on-black cruiser pulls up, Bonet pronounces it beautiful. “Holy cow, that’s gorgeous! Not too flashy … just enough.”

While the video does fulfill Momoa’s wish of seeing his wife behind the wheel of her newly restored Mustang, we don’t see her actually drive it. Instead, Momoa hops into the driver’s seat, his whole family packed into the convertible, and rolls off. We’ll just assume Bonet needed a minute to get reacquainted with her first car, and she’s ripping her own burnouts by now.


We love seeing a vintage car given a second chance at life, and when that car is intertwined in a family’s story … well, that’s even more heartwarming.

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