From fields to Flugplatz, this Chevy pickup has been to Green Hell and back

1989 Chevy C/K Pickup first look rear three quarter
Misha Charoudin

The Chevrolet C/K pickup—also known as the GMT400—is a universally loved truck. The boxy, stout design is timeless, and we bet you knew someone who had one (or four) somewhere in these great United States. From towing to hauling to navigating farmland all over the country, C/Ks carried out truck duties with aplomb. A few, however, were destined for more international fates. Take this 1989 single-cab long-bed, for example, which now spends its days at and around the Nürburgring.

Wait, what?

1989 Chevy C/K Pickup at Nürburgring
Misha Charoudin

Yep, you read that right. Misha Charoudin, a well-known Russian YouTuber who lives and works near the ‘Ring, purchased this ’89 C/K on eBay from a farm in Pennsylvania as a surprise birthday present for his friend and fellow YouTuber Robert Mitchell. Mitchell grew up with a C/K pickup in his family, had very fond memories of that boxy workhorse, and said he would love to own one again someday. (You may remember Mitchell as the person who raised some skepticism as to the integrity of SSC’s first Tuatara top-speed run, and whom SSC CEO Jerod Shelby subsequently invited to watch/validate the second attempt, which was both successful and verified.)

Charoudin, being the good friend he is, fulfilled Mitchell’s C/K dream by surprising Mitchell with this blue-over-blue sweetheart. Naturally, the two had to point the Chevy’s towards the 73-corner, 12.94-mile Green Hell. Because what else would you do?

There’s something so blissful about seeing a vehicle completely out of its element. Watching the pickup shuffle-hump its way over the ‘Ring’s famously nasty curbs with relative ease is more than enough to put the grin on anyone’s face. That the pair are sending it while sitting high atop an all-blue-everything bench seat makes the spectacle even more enjoyable.

Charoudin and Mitchell jokingly make a goal of passing someone—anyone, really—on the track, which may seem like a mammoth feat. Do they and the Chevy succeed? Watch the video below to find out.

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