789-hp dyno run proves Ford’s Godzilla 7.3 lives up to its name

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For years, Ford enthusiasts in search of a modern pushrod powerplant were left high and dry. Then, late last June, Dearborn widened the playing field by offering its 7.3-liter V-8 from the Super Duty lineup as a crate engine. With those units now hitting customer dynamometers, we all have the privilege of learning just how the 430 hp at 5500 rpm and 475 lb-ft at 4000 rpm rating plays out in the real world, and how the so-called Godzilla motor responds to tuning.

YouTube channel REVan Evan has been documenting the process of tuning one of these modern big-blocks, and his most recent run paints powerful picture.

This engine features aftermarket pistons, valves, rings and a whole host of other goodies, and the goal is to eventually bolt on a Whipple supercharger. Even with the blower-safe 12.5:1 compression ratio, the engine cranks out 789 horsepower at 7600 rpm. That is on a stock block, stock oiling system, and stock cylinder head castings—though the latter have been CNC ported. The engine builder claims that if he were building an all-out naturally aspirated engine, 900 horses doesn’t feel outside the realm of possibility.

Does this new Godzilla motor make Foxbody Mustang LS swaps obsolete? That’s probably a bit of a leap for now, especially given that a crate 7.3 will set you back a hefty $8150, and building one to the spec seen in this video will only add to that figure. If support stays strong for this engine over a number of years, however, Ford will have a real aftermarket winner on its hands.

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