Our Cars: Amy Pullen’s 1967 Sunbeam Minx

One of the perks of being a Hagerty employee is that you always have friends and colleagues on the lookout for great cars. Amy Pullen learned this first-hand earlier this year when she heard about the “Beamer” – a 1967 Sunbeam Minx – from Rob Sass and Paul Duchene, who were on location in Portland working on a story about classic cars still on the city’s streets. By June, it was in her garage.

Employee: Amy Pullen has been an executive assistant at Hagerty for five years.

Car: 1967 Sunbeam Minx


I grew up in a small town on a farm. Somebody was always working on a tractor or truck. In high school I paid attention when the boys worked on their cars, but this is my first classic car.

Why a Sunbeam Minx?

I purchased my car from a woman in Portland, Ore. Susan was selling it because her mechanic of nearly 30 years passed away and she felt that it was a good time to sell. She didn’t want to sell it at auction or on eBay; she just wanted it to go to a good home.

Susan is friends with Paul Duchene – who wrote the story in the current Hagerty’s magazine about classic cars on the streets of Portland. Paul asked Rob if he knew anybody that would be interested in the car, and Rob thought of me. After discussing it with Rob and Jonathan Stein, I decided it was the car for me. It’s great having so many experts at my disposal!

After a few emails back and forth, Susan decided that I would be the fourth owner of her beloved “Beamer.” I hope to take care of the car for as long and as well as Susan.

Repairs and modifications (planned or completed)

I found somebody on Craigslist that had a bunch of miscellaneous Minx parts: hub cap, Minx badges, trim etc. Other than that, a couple friends helped me clean her up and change the oil. There a numerous other things that can be fixed, but I’m happy with it right now.

Interesting stories

I recently had the opportunity to go to Portland and meet Susan in person. I also went to Harold’s Garage to see where the car had been taken care of over the years and to drop off a copy of the Hagerty’s magazine with the Portland story – the “Beamer” is included among the photos! The mechanics were so pleased to know where the car is and to get the magazine featuring all the great old cars in Portland.

Not only did I get a great old car I’ve acquired some new friends that I’m sure will last for years.

Favorite drive

I haven’t been on any long drives with my car yet, but I love to take the long way home out the Old Mission Peninsula and back, or cruising the back roads of Leelanau County.

Best and worst moment

The best moment was when I realized that driving this car made me appreciate my surroundings more and slow down and enjoy life.

The worst was transporting the car from Oregon to Michigan. Susan notified me on March 18 (2010) that she received payment; the car didn’t make it to my house until June 3! To make a long story short, the first couple I hired “measured wrong” and it wouldn’t fit in their trailer. So I hired a national company, but about half way to Michigan the driver came down with pneumonia and was hospitalized for three days. He finally made it to the warehouse in southern Michigan, where it stayed for a couple weeks. It eventually made it to my house.

So another best moment was seeing that big orange semi finally coming down my little residential street.

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