Mark Stielow, godfather of pro touring, is our latest podcast guest

It’s time to hit the road for summer holiday travels and that means clicking the seatbelt, setting the cruise control, and putting on some tunes. Better yet, give Larry Webster and the Hagerty Sidedrafts podcast a listen.

In this latest episode, Larry sits down with Mark Stielow, who is credited with giving birth to the pro-touring movement. Stielow tells how he juggled an engineering position at General Motors while building a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro for the One Lap of America challenge. That Camaro became the template for what pro touring would become–Stielow just didn’t know it yet.

Beginning with Stielow’s early days of building cars we hear how to build a pro-touring vehicle, but not necessarily the parts list. Stielow’s experience from building more than 50 cars shines through as he talks about what modifications he endorses and which he just won’t do.

Tune in and enjoy your long drive, even if you aren’t in your fun-to-drive car. This episode will make you want to get the wrenches out and start building the car of your dreams, even if it’s not a ’60s Camaro. Don’t take our word for it though, give it a listen.

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