Our Cars: Independent Agent Jonathan Large’s 1966 Chevelle

1966 Chevelle Convertible

Independent Agent Jonathan Large loves Chevelles so much that he’s owned three over the years.

Name: Jonathan Large

Agency: Insurance Center of Patrick Inc.

Years working with Hagerty: Three

Car: 1966 Chevelle Convertible

Background: I’ve had three of these cars. I bought this one in ’93 out of a California woman’s basement — she needed the room for her goats (the four-legged variety, not the GTOs). I purchased the car, kept it awhile and sold it to a very good friend who helped me restore it (special thanks to Bernie, Greg and Roger for helping on the car). The car is Danube Blue with a fawn interior and top – one of only 1,775 with that color interior. I was lucky enough to obtain lots of information on the car’s history, and I even met its second owner, who gave me photos, tires and wheels. I love to research the history of the car: It was originally shipped to Madison, Ky., and then went to Arizona, California and on to North Carolina.

Why a Chevelle? I had a cousin who had a Marina Blue one, and I loved it. His was a mess, but I recognized that it was rare, and I loved the body lines and overall style. In fact, I liked it so much I bought three ’66 Chevelle convertibles in the early ’90s.

Repairs and Modifications (planned or completed): After a frame-off restoration, the car is done. I hope.

Hobby Activities (clubs, events, etc.): I love old cars, and I’m a member of ACES – the American Chevelle Enthusiast Society.

Favorite Drive: My favorite drive is on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall or along Myrtle Beach in the spring.

Best and Worst Moments: My worst moment was when I had trouble with a body shop and was forced to switch shops. My best moments are watching people admire it at car shows.



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