The latest Hagerty Sidedrafts podcast features NASCAR announcer Mike Joy

In the latest installment of our Hagerty Sidedrafts podcast, our own Larry Webster talks with NASCAR’s Mike Joy, a 17-year-veteran at Fox with nearly 50 years of announcing experience, about his long career in motorsports and how he made the transition from calling autocross runs to being one of the most recognizable voices in NASCAR.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Joy initially wanted to be a driver himself. After a few tries at short-track racing, he found himself announcing at a small track in Springfield, Massachusetts. The knack for announcing eventually landed him at the networks, but Joy has always been up to the challenge of putting words to a live event and passing on the thrill of racing to an audience.

If you have a drive coming up this weekend and could use a half-hour of entertainment, cue up the latest Sidedrafts and listen to Mike Joy talk about future NASCAR stars, working in the box with Jeff Gordon, how Alan Kulwicki changed the sport, hot-rodding impact guns, and how the current NASCAR format of racing in stages is keeping things fresh.

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