Our Cars: Glenn Arlt’s 1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

Glenn Arlt is well-educated, well-traveled and, well … nuts about cars, which makes him well-suited to serve as Hagerty’s Historian. “I’ve studied cars, auto technology, automotive history and the auto industry since I was about age seven,” he said. “It became more than a hobby when I started working for Hagerty, but I still love it even though it’s considered ‘work’ now.”

Glenn’s interest in cars came from his father, who worked for Ford Motor Company building Mercurys and, after Glenn was born, Thunderbirds. Glenn met his British wife, Denise, while serving overseas in the U.S. Air Force, and the two were married in 1979. They have two adult sons, one a college professor, the other a beer meister. Neither is a car guy. “I didn’t push it; I let them formulate their own interests,” Glenn said. Mrs. Arlt, on the other hand, doesn’t have much of a choice. “She is ‘long-suffering,’ but quite a good sport. When we were courting, I told her that if we got married, the only other skirts she’d have to worry about me chasing were fender skirts.”

Name: Glenn Arlt

Position at Hagerty: Historian

Years at Hagerty: 17

Vehicle: 1986 Chrysler Fifth Avenue

Why did you choose an ’86 Fifth Avenue? I wanted a “survivor” that I could pay cash for. A colleague found the car and sent me the information. I like luxury cars (OK, I like all cars).

Repairs and Modifications: The air-conditioning quit after its winter nap, so that needs recharging and repairing. The 61,000-mile survivor is stock and will remain so.

Hobby activities: I belong to the Hagerty Employees Car Club, as well as the Pirates Car Club (in Traverse City, Mich.), though I don’t get to go out and enjoy much time with the Pirates as I’m at work when they’re at Thursday breakfast! Dang it.

Interesting Car Stories: My first collector car was an early production Chevrolet Corvair convertible (1962½). I sold it in order to buy a 7-series BMW V-8 luxury “autobahnmeister.” So, I joke with people that I went from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Favorite Drive: I went on a Route 66 and Rocky Mountain (plus Utah) tour a few years ago with my wife, her sister and family flying in from England to join us. Unfortunately, we were in a rented minivan.

Best and Worst Classic Car Moments: Worst moment – driving my previously owned 155-mph capable BMW “toy” on roads where speed limits are 55 and wishing I was on the Autobahn. Best – getting here, there and everywhere on tour or to shows in any of my “toys” over the years without having to call for Hagerty Roadside Assistance.

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