Terry Boyce
cut his auto journalism teeth by penning his hometown newspaper’s car column at age 19. By 1977, he was editor at Old Cars Weekly. Published in numerous automotive periodicals, Terry has also authored several car books, and he has twice received the Society of Automotive Historians’ “Carl Benz Award” for his writing. Terry brought home his first “barn find” while still a teenager, and the dozens of classic vehicles he’s owned since have ranged from 1912 to 1984 models. In this issue, he tells us why GM Futurliner #10 matters.

Peter Brock
is the man who designed the ’59 Corvette Sting Ray Racer (and by extension the ’63 Split-Window). He also gave us the Cobra Daytona Coupe. Under the banner of Brock Racing Enterprises, he fielded two-time SCCA National Championship-winning Datsun 240Zs and then two-time Trans Am 2.5 series-winning 510s. In the late 1960s, he pioneered the ultralight flight movement in southern California, winning six World Championships along the way. Now an award-winning author, we’re thrilled to have his “Affordable Perfection” story in this issue.

Tom Hubbell
is a senior underwriter at Hagerty Insurance, now in his 20th year with the company. He also moonlights as the “Car Wrangler” for Hagerty Classic Cars magazine, which means Tom’s the guy we call when we need X classics in Y location for a photo shoot on Z date. In short, most of the cars you see in our features were sourced by Tom. He works miracles. A native of Traverse City, Michigan, he left for a while to follow wanderlust and ended up in Ireland, which he misses to this day. The same can be said for the red ’73 Beetle he drove in high school.

John Roe
is a Detroit-based automotive and commercial photographer. He has extensive experience shooting national and international campaigns for clients as diverse as Ford, Bosch and Car & Driver, and he’s been everywhere to do it — from his own backyard to the far reaches of the globe. John’s a car guy who specializes in shooting cars, motorcycles, watercraft and fashion, and for this issue, he captured the world of elegant automobile design perfectly with four expertly styled cars you can afford on just about any budget.

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