Our Cars: Independent agent Doug Wolford’s ’69 Skylark


A former Buick salesman, independent agent Doug Wolford has owned a staggering 183 cars over the years, 28 of them Buicks. He enjoys attending local car events in his current ride, a ’69 Buick Skylark convertible.

Agency: American Mutual Insurance Services LLC

Time working with Hagerty: More than 12 years. I started working with Hagerty in December 1998.

Car: 1969 Buick Skylark

Background: It’s my second ’69 Skylark convertible. Both were purchased from the original owners, both came from Seattle Buick dealers when new, and each car had been stored in dry storage for 22 years when I bought it.

Why a Buick? I worked as a Buick salesman for 13 years. Buicks are just as nice as Chevys, but they cost a lot less! In fact, out of the 183 cars I’ve owned, 28 have been Buicks. 

Repairs and modifications (planned or completed): I just had a new top and a 2½” exhaust with Flowmaster 50 mufflers installed.  My future plans are a water pump and a timing chain, just to be safe.

Hobby activities (clubs, events, etc.): I belong to the Puget Sound Chapter, Buick Club of America, and a local Christian car club, Solid Rock Cruisers.  I’m also chairman of the SRC annual car show, “Cruise to the Park.” I love to work the Hagerty booth at the annual LeMay car show in late August, and to promote Hagerty at club events and car shows throughout the year. 

Favorite drive: Solid Rock Cruisers’ annual Mystery Cruise.  We never know where we’re going, but it’s always a blast!

Best and worst moments: My best occurred last August when I happened upon a cruise-in in The Dalles, Ore. I haven’t had a single bad ride in my ’69 Skylark, but my worst moment in a Buick happened in my 1937 Buick when I ran over a skunk while taking my new girlfriend — my now wife of 37 years — on a date. That mohair upholstery reeked for a long time afterward.


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