1964 Lincoln Continental: Classic Elegance, Classic Colors

Klockau-Classics-64-Continental top
Thomas Klockau

In September 2023, I was fortunate enough to attend the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club Mid America meet. I’ve been a member of the LCOC since 2015, and though I don’t go to a ton of events, I love the club magazine and enjoy local meets and shows put on by the Lake Shore Region, the division closest to me.

1964 Lincoln Continental rear three quarter
Thomas Klockau

This year, I was extremely happy to discover the Mid America meet (the LCOC also has Eastern and Western meets each year) was a mere two-and-a-half hours away, in Illinois’ capital city of Springfield.

1964 Lincoln Continental side
Thomas Klockau

Springfield is a cool town, but I hadn’t been there since 2006, when I had visited friends Jerry and Freida Morescki. Jerry, a fellow car nut (and avid Studebaker fan) is a great guy and they have since moved to sunny and snow-free Arizona, but back then we got along famously, as they say, talking cars.

1964 Lincoln Continental front three quarter
Thomas Klockau

In fact, way back in 2004 I helped Jerry at a trade show, disbursing pens and information at the Illinois Casualty booth. It really is a small world, as it was held at the same hotel—the Crowne Plaza— as the Lincoln show was.

1964 Lincoln Continental front
Thomas Klockau

Anyway, I got a fairly early start, as I didn’t want to miss any amazing cars. When I got there around 10:30, I immediately went into a happy Brougham-induced state of mind, gawking at beautiful cars and chatting with the friendly owners. And taking many, many pictures!

1964 Lincoln Continental emblem
Thomas Klockau

I parked, spied a couple of magnificent 1960 Lincolns in the distance, grabbed my hat and camera, and waltzed into Lincoln heaven. There were so many wonderful cars! And the LCOC is a great club; everyone is so nice. People I’d never met were very friendly, and I chatted with several folks before I had to start taking many, many pictures.

1964 Lincoln Continental door trim handles
Thomas Klockau

And I zeroed right in on this 1964 Continental. The ’64 Connie is a pretty well-known car in several classic movies, including Goldfinger and Animal House. Now that I think of it, both Lincolns in those movies came to bad ends. Oh well, never mind!

1964 Lincoln Continental interior seats
Thomas Klockau

Anyway, I zeroed in on this particular one pretty early for two reasons: first, I love the 1961–69 Continentals, and second, it was in the most excellent color combination of sleek black paint paired with a red leather interior.

1964 Lincoln Continental rear three quarter
Thomas Klockau

In this case, Black Satin, according to the 1964 Lincoln color chart. I was very impressed with the condition of this car. Of course, all the cars are nice at an LCOC event, but this one appeared to be a spare-no-expense full restoration. Or so I thought, blissfully snapping several pictures. Then I wandered away towards the gilded ’70s Continentals, which always remind me of road-going luxury Pullman cars.

1964 Lincoln Continental rear
Thomas Klockau

But a while later I drifted back to this car, because I loved it so much. This time, the doors were open, and I took the opportunity to take many more pictures of that fabulous bright red leather interior. An information placard had been added as well, on front of the car.

1964 Lincoln Continental mirror shine
Thomas Klockau

And I was surprised and impressed to find that this car was an amazing low-, low-, LOW-miles original car. To the tune of 2800-odd miles on the clock. Wowsers! No wonder it was nice.

1964 Lincoln Continental interior
Thomas Klockau

I learned the current owner is Tim Wilson of London, Ohio, though he wasn’t around the car, and unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to chat with him. But from what I learned, this Lincoln was ordered new by Charles and Ruth McGill and delivered in October 1963.

1964 Lincoln Continental interior front
Thomas Klockau

The couple traded in their 1961 Continental for it. But sadly, Mr. McGill passed away only three weeks after they took possession of their beautiful new car, and his wife put it into storage and never drove it again.

1964 Lincoln Continental interior rear seat
Thomas Klockau

Rich Liana, a prominent 1961–69 Continental expert and restorer, brought back it into gorgeous usable condition while maintaining its originality.

1964 Lincoln Continental interior front dash
Thomas Klockau

The current owner still has the original tires even, but correct whitewall reproductions have been installed to keep the car safe to drive.

1964 Lincoln Continental interior rear seat
Thomas Klockau

It is just a beautiful car. Lincoln in the ’60s was the go-to for elegant transport, as were Cadillac and Imperial. It was truly a great time to be able to own and enjoy a new luxury car. This is an amazing survivor, and I was so happy to see it in Springfield and take far more many photos than I needed to!

1964 Lincoln Continental interior steering wheel driver side
Thomas Klockau



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    60’s throught 80’s television shows used a very similar, apparently reusable break-apart/exploding Lincoln Continental for chases usually ending in a fiery crash. There was also a Jaguar XKE coupe rigged-up the same way. Check-out old Columbo shows for that one!

    That’s a fantastic classic. So rare to find one in such good condition and with such low mileage. I’m sure that one won’t go up for sale anytime soon or will go for a pretty penny if it does. Great color choice, too!

    I too have always loved the 1961-69 Lincolns. To me they are the most beautiful, classic cars ever made. This ‘64 is a breathtaking beauty.

    As a guy who “came of age” in the early ’60s, I of course remember these as hauling around presidents, CEOs, and my rich uncle. As those images were burning themselves into my memory, I naturally combined the Lincoln Continental with the idea of luxury and power. The story of this particular cars’ original owners is sad, but it did serve to provide an almost museum quality example of these fabulous vehicles. And I’m very glad that you took “many, many pictures” of it for us to enjoy, Mr. Klockau!

    My dad was a Treasurer for a construction company in Philadelphia and in the 60s he did taxes for people on the side. An older gentleman who could no longer drive gave Dad his 1962 Lincoln Continental (midnight blue). Spectacular car but the maintenance was a drain. Dad eventually traded it in for a beautiful 1968 LTD (turquoise blue with a black vinyl top and hidden headlights).
    In 1985 I bought a 1979 Town Car (triple fire engine red). Last year of the big ones. I miss them.

    I agree with you Gary, not just Lincoln . This era looks like it was drawn with a fine pen, whereas todays trucks look like they were drawn with a texta. No subtly.

    I mostly agree with you, Gary, with the one exception of the 2017-2020 Lincoln Continental, especially the Coach Edition. Never owned one, just liked them. I did have a very satisfactory ownership experience with a 2002 Continental, but by that point they weren’t true Lincolns; the Continental was based on the Taurus platform with a V-8 and rear air suspension. I did like the car. And I do really enjoy my current 2017 MKX AWD; granted, it’s an SUV (or CUV?). But nothing in the last three decades like the ’60s!

    BEAUTIFUL car!
    The photos show how much more practical so-called “suicide doors” really were, for passenger entry and egress.

    The style reminds me of the 11/22/1963 car… I was ten years old, and it still hurts.

    Love all Lincolns, especially towncars. This Continental should be shown to everyone, especially young people to see how amazing life used to be, in the car world. I’ve owned both of the last towncar models. My wife preferred the looks of the last one, but the solidness of the older one and it’s great seats made it my favorite. Driving it left a feeling I will never forget!

    Great looking Lincoln! I was a manager at a Buick dealer and retired after 40 years. My favorite car I ever owned wasn’t a Buick but a 1971 Lincoln Continental it was luxurious, comfortable and great looking!

    Rich Liana restored my father’s’67 Pitcairn Blue Lincoln in the mid 1990’s and did a superb job. He was a regular working guy then but I brought him a couple of other restorations and it took off from there to the point where he quit working and went into full time restoration work. IMO he’s the best at it in the world.

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