Zagato delivers its first reborn Iso Rivolta GTZ

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Iconic Italian coachbuilder Zagato has finished the first of 19 new Iso Rivolta GTZs and delivered it to a lucky customer in Switzerland.

Zagato announced the return of the Rivolta earlier this year, five decades after the original ceased production in 1970. Like its forebear, the new car mates American muscle with Italian styling.

Power comes from a bored-out 6.8-liter, Corvette Z06 LT4 V-8, with a supercharged 651 horses driving the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic transmission. Zagato claims the car will reach 62 mph from rest in 3.7 seconds and gallop on to a vMax of 195 mph.

Beneath this first car’s luscious Monza Green paint is a carbon-fiber body with classic coupe proportions and refreshingly clean styling. Zagato has been know to go a bit bananas in the past—we’re looking at you Alfa Romeo SZ—but the Rivolta GTZ keeps its cooling ducts and air intakes to a minimum and eschews the massive statement-making grilles that have become so popular today.

Zagato says that nine of the cars are already spoken for, and if you find yourself near Lucerne in Switzerland you may catch a glimpse of the very first one on a Sunday lakeside drive.

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