Yokohama to re-issue vintage Advan HF Type D tires for classic sports cars

Japanese classics are having a moment. Enthusiasm for vintage cars from the Land of the Rising sun is growing, and now Yokohama is re-releasing one of its most significant historical tires to help provide the full experience. Now on sale in Japan, the Yokohama Advan HF Type D will allow owners of the Honda CRX, Toyota Celica Supra, Mazda RX-7, and the like to outfit period-correct rubber that isn’t old and dry-rotted.

Yokohama says it will “reprint” the Advan HF Type D in 13-inch to 15-inch sizes, using the same unique tread pattern that gained the brand recognition in racing after the tire was released in 1981. The semi-slick rubber features a round inside shoulder and a square outer shoulder, with dimples on the outside designed to drain water in the wet.

Advan HF Type D tire
Advan HF Type D tire Yokohama

Nobody is expecting to use this tire to be competitive in racing. Instead, Yokohama is re-releasing the Advan HF Type D for its classic customers who want the proper look, while delivering the right performance on the street. Too much grip could damage the undercarriage of the car, product planner Kota Fujimoto said in a company release, while too little grip isn’t helpful either.

Yokohama’s announcement comes as Pirelli recently released its Collezione line of classic tires, suitable for high-end exotic sports cars from the 1950s–70s.

For now the Advan HF Type D is only being sold online in Japan, but Yokohama says eventually it plans to expand to other markets.

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