With over 400 hp, this 964 RUF is on fire

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Ruf RCT Evo
RUF Automobile

Porsche may have ended production of the 964 in 1994, but German legends RUF never stopped pushing performance to the edge of the envelope. At this point it appears to have licked the stamp and sent it, by somehow wrestling 425 horsepower out of the Porsche’s 3.6-liter motor.

Give RUF a 964 donor car plus $425,000 and the Pfaffenhausen company will transform it into the RCT Evo. Choose from a traditional narrow body or more aggressive wide-body style and RUF will replace every panel with lighter carbon fiber.  A roll cage and re-trimmed interior goes in next, the suspension is uprated, and add carbon-ceramic brakes sat within center-lock alloy wheels are bolted on. Finally, that glorious air-cooled flat-six with its single turbo is put back in after some major fettling.

Heading of marketing Estonia Ruf says, “While the technology has evolved since 1990, the formula for a fun car has not. The car has the same feeling you might expect from a 964, but with more power and less weight for a higher overall performance. The recipe didn’t change, the ingredients just got better.”

Sounds tasty to us.

Ruf RCT Evo interior
Ruf Automobile
Ruf RCT Evo interior 2
Ruf Automobile
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