Will the Ford Mustang be all-new for 2023?

Although past reports have indicated Ford’s intentions to prolong the current Mustang (the S550 among enthusiasts) until 2026, Ford recently—and perhaps accidentally—dropped a clue regarding a more accelerated timeline for the next Mustang on LinkedIn, of all places.

The LinkedIn listing was first spotted by a member of the Mustang6G forum and calls for a “Wind/Noise and Air Leakage Plant Vehicle Team (PVT) Engineer” to be stationed at the Flat Rock Assembly plant, the home of the Mustang. Here’s the interesting bit, though: The description also invites applicants to “be the final sign off on the Ford 2023 Mustang S650 Vehicle Program before it goes to the customers.”

Ford Mustang job posting

The post, which was put up by Ford’s official LinkedIn account, originally redirected folks to a page on Ford’s gr8people recruiting site. However, the job details have since been removed from gr8people.

We reached out to a Ford spokesperson for comment, who informed us that there was “nothing that we can confirm or comment on at this time.” While this job posting certainly suggests there’s a new Mustang in the pipeline, nothing is for sure until Ford makes an official announcement.

What we do know is that the Mustang will likely undergo some serious changes in 2021. As we’ve previously reported, the Mustang currently rides on an exclusive rear-wheel-drive platform but will likely move to one of the company’s five modular architectures. The most logical candidate is the front-/rear-/all-wheel-drive CD6 platform that undergirds the Ford Explorer and the Lincoln Aviator. Given that the Explorer and the Aviator offer hybridized versions, it’s not a stretch to imagine a plug-in hybrid Mustang or an all-wheel-drive Mustang to enjoy in the snowy months.

Ford has made some questionable moves with the Mustang name in recent months, so we’re hoping to get an official word soon on the future of America’s most beloved sports car.

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