Watch this Corvette ZR1 set a new production lap record at Road Atlanta

Chevrolet is taking the 2019 Corvette ZR1 on tour, but certainly not at touring pace. The Bowtie brand has been trickling out video footage of the new ZR1 taking on tracks throughout the U.S. In a recent release, the supercharged corner-carver casually set a new production car lap record at Road Atlanta. All in a day’s work.

Randy Pobst, longtime racing driver, SCCA legend, and automotive media personality, was behind the wheel of the ZR1. Even a cursory look at the on-screen telemetry shows just how hard he is wheeling the Vette around Road Atlanta, yet it never looks out of control in his hands.

Down the back straightaway, the supercharger howls as it propels the new ZR1 to 170 mph before a big late brake leading into turn 10. For reference, the C7 Z06 taken around this same loop by Tommy Miner (driver for Corvette Racing) in 2014 hit 150 mph on the same stretch. Chevy is certainly justified in touting the ZR1 as the most powerful and fastest Corvette ever produced for the street.

The final lap time comes in at 1:26.45 which takes the top spot from the Dodge Viper ACR, which clocked 1:26.54 in 2015. With the Viper out of production, there aren’t many competitors to vie for this record, but hopefully soon some of the other manufactures will step up to the steep bar that the ZR1 just set.

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