Watch the first Gordon Murray T.50 come to life

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Gordon Murray Automotive

The Cosworth V-12 engine that powers Gordon Murray’s T.50 hypercar has been started for the first time in a test mule, as you can see in the first episode of Indy-winner Dario Franchitti’s new YouTube vlog.

Rather than wait for the car’s carbon tub to be completed, engine testing has begun in a modified Ultima GT, which will soon be visiting proving grounds in the U.K., Italy, and Spain to be put through its paces.

Having been bench-tested already, the 650 hp, four-liter V-12 will now be run up to its 12,100 rpm redline in a test program to ensure it meets emissions regulations and delivers the performance Murray promises. The engine is mated to an X-Trac manual gearbox that will also be used in anger for the first time during testing.

The powertrain of the test mule is exactly as it will be in the production car, save for a plastic intake scoop, which will be carbon fiber in customer cars. The test mule is also missing the T.50’s innovative aerodynamic package, including its massive rear fan.

The $3 million hypercar is scheduled to reach owners in 2022. In the meantime you can keep up with its development with the very enthusiastic, if slightly wooden, Mr Franchitti.

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