Watch Nismo pull off a $400,000 R32 GT-R resto

Brandan Gillogly

A factory restoration of your R32, R33, or R34 Nissan GT-R won’t come cheap, but when you watch this video of the detailed process you’ll understand why.

First the car is completely disassembled and the bodywork blasted back to bare metal. The stiffness of the monocoque is tested and any required repairs are made. The body is dipped for rust protection and painted while the rest of the components are either fully-refurbished or replaced. The interior is deep cleaned to come out factory-fresh.

Every stage of the process is documented and tested, with the engine going on a dyno after its rebuild, and the finished car also undergoes a dyno and road test. A long list of factory upgrades is offered so you can have the suspension fettled or the legendary GT-R RB26 straight-six engine boosted to close to 500 hp.

Restorations are offered in different stages.  A “section refresh and overhaul” costs around $233,000, while a full restoration to standard specification is almost $330,000. The average Nismo customer apparently typically spends something north of $420,000 on the exercise, which suggests most are using the opportunity to add a little extra go their Godzillas.

NISMO R32 RB26 assembly
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