Watch F1’s Lando Norris struggle to speak as he test drives the McLaren Elva

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Lando Norris’s future as a Top Gear TV presenter looks in doubt as he can barely string a sentence together while charging around Silverstone in the new McLaren Elva.

In this amusing video, Norris is repeatedly asked by the director to describe the Elva’s Active Air Management System and its twin-turbo V-8, but the Formula 1 driver is too focused on thrashing the speedster around the circuit to get the words out.

Despite complaining that he can’t drift to save his life, Norris throws a few shapes and smokes the tires as he makes the most of the Elva’s awesome performance. “I’m just going not going to pit until I run out of fuel,” he says.

It may have been a fairly gloomy day at Silverstone when this was filmed, but Lando has just brightened ours.

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