Vintage plates coming to California residents, but act fast

Tired of the look of the new California plates on your vintage car? There is a solution, but you have to act fast, and most importantly, share with your friends!

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto, a man with a love of old cars, has made a real effort on behalf of his state’s fellow classic car lovers. Mike introduced a bill in 2012 to allow owners of 1950s, ’60s and ’70s cars to trade in their modern license plates for vintage replicas.

This is the perfect opportunity for people stuck with modern plates to get period-appropriate plates back on their cars. But, there is a catch. You must sign up and order in advance; the DMV will only proceed with the program if they receive a minimum of 7,500 orders per decade, and we would like to help spread the word. The deadline of Dec. 31, 2014, is coming quickly, and as of this posting there are less than three months left to order.

Click the following link for the printable pre-order form to be mailed to the DMV with a fee of $50:

For more information on the California DMV Legacy Plate program:

Also view California car nut Cliff Costello’s video for more information on these replica historic plates:

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