Velocity adds early Mustang fastbacks to its lineup of vintage restomods

Velocity Modern Classics
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    These cars are the equivalent of the “custom” home builder that lets you customize your house by picking one of 2 options countertops and cabinet colors. For pretty much the same price as well.

    If I had an extra 300K burning a hole in my pocket, one of their Broncos would be in my garage.

    It’s nice but holy crap $300k??? You would think they could put some headrests on those seats.

    That is one nice machine, but as other have said, $300K is a little steep. Might have to hire a protection detail but maybe the guys buying already have these on staff.

    The first paragraph says these cars have been rebuilt. Are they using original bodies (and nothing else)? How many do they have and where did they come from? What happens to the parts that have been replaced? If any originals have been left behind, they might need them.

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