Triumph creates trio of Tiger 900 models


The middleweight adventure-bike market is huge currently, with at least one option for whatever flavor of adventure you want. Some bikes are more street-focused, while others lean hard into the off-road side of things. Triumph wants to be everywhere all at once with the 2024 Tiger. Rather than one do-it-all machine, the Tiger 900 is actually three models: GT, GT Pro, and Rally Pro.

The three variants are an evolution of the Tiger 900 that was introduced in 2020 as an upgrade from the Tiger 800, a much older bike. The staple engine—Triumph’s three-cylinder—is still present and for 2024 receives a meaningful power bump to 106 horsepower, plus tuning that puts more torque behind the rider’s wrist at lower rpm.

Tiger 900_GT Pro_MY24_07428_JP
Tiger 900 GT Pro JORDAN PAY

The 900 GT, GT Pro, and Rally Pro share a powerplant and a chassis, but each is tailored ever so slightly to a different type of adventure-bike customer. The 900 GT is aimed at a newer rider who may not be sure what direction they want to go, while the 900 GT Pro is focused on road touring, and the 900 GT Rally brings an off-road focus. All are supported by a robust catalog of OEM accessories that allows riders to outfit the bikes exactly as they see fit right from the dealer parts counter.

Tiger 900_Rally Pro_MY24_20968_JP
Tiger 900 Rally Pro JORDAN PAY

Not all buyers will need to option out their bikes to enjoy them: The entire Tiger 900 lineup has a seven-inch TFT dash, a USB-C charger right on the dashboard for an auxiliary GPS or a phone, Bluetooth connectivity, and new marker lights that aid in nighttime visibility. Tire-pressure monitoring, shift-assist quick shifter, and heated grips and seat are standard on the GT Pro and Rally Pro.

Riders flock to the middleweight adventure bike market for bikes that have approachable power levels and seat heights but can do just about anything. Triumph’s decision to split the Tiger 900 from one bike into three puts the nameplate on the radar of more riders and makes the adventure-bike segment more attractive than ever.

Pricing for the Tiger 900 GT starts at $14,995, $16,895 for the GT Pro, and $17,395 for the Rally Pro. Those interested can expect to see the new 2024 models on dealer floors early next year.




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    Ok…the pictures don’t show the bikes very well or the differences in the models. Also what’s the ride height on all of these bikes. Much better reporting is needed if you are going to write an article.

    I agree with MT. More details and better pictures that focus more on the bikes themselves versus far away scenic or dust flying all over pictures. Still, I appreciate you writing something about them. Black visors are not safe in my mind. Same with dark tinted windows especially in low light situations.

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