Toyota GR Supra 3000GT concept set for SEMA debut

It looks like TRD is reaching into the MK IV Supra goodie bag to bring us a modern version of the 1994 Supra TRD 3000GT. Based on the 2020 Supra, it will debut at SEMA with some nods to the MK IV Supra we all know and love.

TRD decided to tease the upcoming concept with a frustratingly long slideshow/video featuring a whole lot buzzwords that are briefly interspersed with posterized black and white images of the fourth-generation Supra. Cool. The 1994 Supra TRD 3000GT concept finally makes a debut as we’re shown sketches of a GR Supra with some SEMA-appropriate additions. Eventually, more than four minutes into the video, some photos of the actual GR Supra 3000 GT Concept are revealed. We can make out triangular hood vents as seen on the 1994 concept, and one major addition is a tall rear wing reminiscent of the one found on the MK IV Supra.

The last teaser in the video, the one we waited so long to see, is of a wooden crate about to be lifted by a forklift. It looks like there’s “123kg” scrawled on the box. It could be a super-secret code, a hint for what we’re going to see come SEMA, or simply the empty weight of the box.

Other than that, facts are scarce. We’ll all be watching November 5th at SEMA when the real deal breaks cover.

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