This time-capsule Buick Grand National has 26 precious miles

An incredibly low-mileage Grand National survivor, purchased as part of a pair, has just emerged. While its counterpart was driven daily for years, this one was bought with the express purpose of preservation. With only 26 miles on the odometer it may be the lowest-mileage Buick Grand National out there. A reader, Michael F., on shared the story:

A very close friend of mine bought two of these new. He put one into storage and drove the other for over 110,000 miles before selling it. After about five years of asking him to sell me the unused car, he reluctantly gave in. All services have been done regularly along with the precautions to preserve the gas tank as well. I have all hubcaps, never installed and still in the box. There are also hundreds of magazines and booklets along with artwork he purchased at the time of purchase. Multiple limited edition Peach State Muscle Car limited edition die-cast cars. Pretty amazing what he accumulated over the years and none of it has been opened.

As amazing as it is that this Grand National has been so well preserved, it seems that every several months or so another low-mileage example comes to light. Just scrolling down the page from’s articles shows three more Grand Nationals with double-digit mileage. This isn’t even the first time we have heard about pairs of Grand Nationals purchased and treated in this manner. In pristine condition, a late-production intercooled Buick Grand National is worth about $50000, but the more powerful and rare GNX models can command six-figure prices at auction.

We’ve got a surefire plan that will make sure the Grand National doesn’t rack up too many miles moving forward. First, pull the pristine stock motor, put it on a stand, and replace it with a Duttweiler performance V-6 with a pair of big turbos. Beef up the trans and the rest of the drivetrain and bolt on some slicks while you’re at it. Then let the odometer turn a quarter of a mile at a time. It’s a Grand National after all. Let it run free!

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