This Swiss Testa-restomod will top 200 mph

Officine Fioravanti

Another ’80s icon, the Ferrari Testarossa, is getting a new lease of life thanks to a Swiss tuner.

Officine Fioravanti says the goal is “enriching its pureness” so the styling of the Testarossa looks largely unchanged. The poster car of every gearhead in the 1980s is retaining its trademark side strakes and extended single mirror. “No reason to teach a maestro one more lesson,” admits Fioravanti.

The focus is on updating the driving experience, which includes upping the 4.9-liter flat-12 engine’s performance by fitting a titanium exhaust, improving stopping power with Brembo antilock brakes, and adding traction control. Electronic Öhlins dampers are installed, as well as adjustable antiroll bars, new alloy wheels, and GT3-class racing tires. Fioravanti claims to have cut 260 pounds of weight from the car which will, no doubt, aid its aim of exceeding 200 mph (the original maxed out at 180).

Fioravanti is also retrimming the cabin in Italian leather, replacing plastic switchgear with milled aluminum components, and throwing in a modern infotainment system.

There’s no word on such trivial details as pricing, delivery, or production numbers, but the car is undergoing testing as you can see from the photos. We can’t help feeling that the camouflage has been designed to draw attention rather than actually disguise anything. Nonetheless, we like what we see. Just as we did back in 1984.

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